Cré is the Shadow (also referred as God, Spirit, or Hero) of land, rock, and shelter. He is one of the four Shadows that represent a classical element along with Tine, Mún, and Croal. Because he represents the classical element of earth he is often prayed to by the people of the world in need of shelter, ownership of land, or defenses. Although he is far from it, Cré is associated to laziness because he tends to ignore people. He prefers to be alone and at peace unless a Shadow or person feels the need to disturb him which will only lead to subtle anger. Cré may communicate with those in power under extenuating circumstances, but it is very rare. During the Draken War, Cré granted Orbis, one of the four remaining drakens of the world, the power of the land (excessive strength/unbreakable shell) to benefit himself during the war, but after losing control of Orbis he captivated and sentenced him to solidarity until the end of time as agreed in the Second Contract of the Shadows. By granting him this power, Cré and Orbis formed a kinship and are forever bonded. If Orbis is destroyed, Cré would be destroyed simultaneously.

Cré was indifferent to the contract even though it left him at a disadvantage. The drakens were becoming too powerful and uncontrollable so Cré agreed to it as he felt it necessary. He feels that the quarrel between Mún and Tine was petty and gave no input of the matter. Because of the kinship that was formed, Cré could not destroy Orbis, so Cré imprisoned him until the end of time as agreed in the contract.

As a Shadow Cré is obligated to watch over the people of the world, but he tends to stay away from the affairs of others. The people who fight for him rarely seek his assistance as they feel that they can 'watch out for themselves' as Cré would like to have it. He feels that he does not need to gain power or take advantage of the people of the world because Cré believes he is the most powerful Shadow. Being this naive may have its disadvantages, but history has failed to prove his thoughts otherwise.