Croal is the Shadow (also referred as God, Spirit, or Hero) of the winds, air, and breathe. Because he represents the classical element of air he is often prayed to by the people of the world in need of winds for sailing among other things, and is often mentioned during ones dying breathe. Croal is an immature Shadow and often travels on his own for long periods of time. However, he should not be underestimated, as he is still a powerful Shadow. He likes to meddle in the affairs of others, often pulling pranks or causing mischief undetected. Unlike most Shadows, Croal helps those who pray to him much more frequently, but his assistance is usually overreacted and causes more harm than good. During the Draken War, Croal granted Numeri, one of the four remaining drakens of the world, the power of the winds (swift movement/agility) to benefit himself during the war, but after losing control of Numeri he captivated and sentenced him to solidarity until the end of time as agreed in the Second Contract of the Shadows. By granting him this power, Croal and Numeri formed a kinship and are forever bonded. If Numeri is destroyed, Croal would be destroyed simultaneously.

Croal was indifferent to the contract and paid little attention to the details that Mún created, even though it left him at a disadvantage. He was mostly concerned with what would happen to Numeri, but after being guaranteed that Numeri would stay alive in captivity he lost all concern of the contract.

As a Shadow, Croal is obligated to watch over the people of the world, but he meddles in their affairs instead. Often answering sailors' prayers of 'more wind for sailing,' Croal will give them hurricanes. The people who follow him are mostly travelers or nomads, usually never residing in the same place for long periods of time. Because of this, the number of followers are undocumented, but Croal believes he has more followers than any other Shadow. He thinks that the war and squabbles among the Shadows are not worth his time, which is part of the reason why he is rarely involved in their affairs.