Impes (also referred as 'The Red Draken') is one of the four remaining drakens in the world along with Mare, Orbis, and Numeri. His ancestors are known as some of the most powerful beings and often flourished during their reign. During the Draken War, Impes was successful in being one the most feared opponents. He was chosen by Tine, the Shadow of the sun, fire and heat, to represent the classical element of fire. In doing so, Impes gained the ability to breath fire and could no longer be affected by scorching temperatures. It is believed that if the war continued unobstructed by the Shadows then Impes would have gained ultimately control. In giving Impes this power, Tine formed a kinship with him. Because of this, if Impes is destroyed or killed then Tine would follow simultaneously.

Along with Mare, Orbis, and Numeri, Impes was becoming so powerful that even Tine was struggling to control him. The kinship formed granted him too much power and the everlasting battle between the four drakens left the world in great perile. Tine, being persuaded by Mún, agreed to imprison Impes, keeping him alive but secluded. Mún, Cré, and Croal chose to do the same to their respective draken kinships because of the agreement they made during the Second Contract of the Shadows.

Impes now lies in a place unknown imprisoned and confined. Some say that he is deep underground, was thrown in a volcano, or even placed on the sun itself. However, some say that he is located somewhere in the world and it won't be long before he is found and released. It seems that these people don't understand the consequences they may endure if they are successful in doing so.


Not much is known of Impes' birth or upbringing. As a red draken he had to have been born from such and, when drakens had a populace, he most likely helped preserve and protect their species. Impes was a name chosen by Tine when they formed their kinship.

During the Draken War, Impes was very successful in destroying his enemies, which often included dragons of different color. All red drakens are known for their often unmatched fighting capabilities, and Impes was no exception. It is believed that, if the Shadows did not get involved in the war, the red drakens would have rendered the other species extinct.

At the peak of the war, even though red drakens had the advantage, drakens of all colors had few in numbers. Impes was one of the few remaining. Tine formed a kinship with him; granting him the power of the sun. In doing so, Impes lost nearly all instinct to preserve his species. He used his new power to destroy the remaining red drakens and attempted to move on to the other three colors. Because of this, Mún, Cré, and Croal effectively formed a kinship with respective drakens in order to preserve their species.

It was an ultimate failure and Impes, Mare, Orbis, and Numeri were the last drakens remaining. Known as The Final Battle, all four attempted to destroy one another. During which Impes was able to seclude Numeri, grab hold of him, and nearly kill him. If the Shadows had not intervened at that moment then he would have been successful. Numeri now suffers a colossal scar leading from his left eye down to his under belly. Due to Impes' fire breath, Numberi's left side of his face is blackened from the scorches. Numeri was able to use his power of the wind to cease further burns to his face, but the scar remains.

As Impes had Numeri pinned, Mún panicked knowing that, if Numeri was killed then Croal would be as well and the world would suffer dire consequences. At that moment, before Numeri's death, she persuaded Tine to finally agree to the Second Contract of the Shadows, as he was the last Shadow of the classical elements to agree. In doing so, all four Shadows stopped the fight immediately. Tine locked Impes away to an unknown location. He is now imprisoned, secluded, and powerless. If he were to escape or be released, however, then he would continue his quest of destroying the other drakens.


Aside from his strength as a red dragon, Impes' abilities strictly come from Tine's kindship. Contrary to popular belief, not all drakens can breathe fire. Tine is the only Shadow able to grant that ability, and Impes is the only being granted. Impes can breathe fire at any time and control how powerful the flare is. He can survive any hot substance and often uses this advantage to lure enemies into volcanic environments. Immune to his own breathe, he tends to pin enemies down and engulf both them and himself in flames.

Aside from the three other remaining drakens, Impes is unmatched in strength, flight, and power. Humans are unmatched against him, and since the kinship formed with Tine, he is nearly invincible.