Mún is the Shadow (also referred as God, Spirit, or Hero) of the moon, water, and thirst. She is the only female of the four Shadows that represent a classical element along with Tine, Cré, and Croal. Because she represents the classical element of water she is often prayed to by the people of the world in need of hydration or nurture for soil. Mún tries to help those in need as best she can, but, like most Shadows, is not likely to intervene. Instead of forcing the people of the world to follow her through fear she will gain their trust by helping them, even if she has to deceive them, especially those in power. During the Draken War, Mún granted Mare, one of the four remaining drakens of the world, the power of the moon (ability to control water as a weapon/breath under water) to benefit herself during the war, but after losing control of Mare she captivated and sentenced him to solidarity until the end of time as agreed in the Second Contract of the Shadows. By granting him this power, Mún and Mare formed a kinship and are forever bonded. If Mare is destroyed, Mún would be destroyed simultaneously.

Mún drafted the contract which leave many to believe that it is most advantageous for her, but, ultimately, it left all four Shadows of the classical elements at a disadvantage. Both Cré and Croal were indifferent to the contract and felt it necessary, but Tine was angered by the 'encouragement' of Mún to agree. Mún understands that if Tine can get his revenge then he would. Since the drakens must stay alive, she drafted the contract enough to keep them secluded, captivated, and separated. It is widely understood that only the Shadows know where they are being held, but it is somewhere in the world, so they could be found if the right people are insistent enough.

Mún tends to watch over the people of the world; especially those who fight and die for her, however, she is not likely to intervene if her help is sought, excluding some situations where those in power seek her assistance. The people who follow her tend to live close to large bodies of water and do not follow many cultural disciplines. They like to fight from a distance and are mocked by others when they fight in close combat, but are often underestimated. Because she no longer has Mare at her side, Mún will try to gain power through helping the people and gaining their trust as opposed to forcing them.