Numeri (also referred to as 'The White Draken') is one of the four remaining drakens in the world along with Mare, Orbis, and Impes. Himself, along with his ancestors, are not seen as fighters, especially compared to the other colored drakens. Some refer to them as peaceful while others call them weak. Because of this, many of those that follow Numeri are seen as immature yet calm and understanding. He was chosen by Croal, the Shadow of the winds, air, and breathe, to represent the classical element of air. In doing so, Numeri gained the ability to control the winds and travel at remarkable speeds. If the war would have continued then Numeri would have been slain; proven by his last fight with Impes in which he was nearly killed. In giving Numeri this power, Croal formed a kinship with him and if he were to be destroyed then Croal would follow simultaneously.

Even though Numeri was seen as the weakest of the last four drakens, he was still becoming too powerful for Croal to control. The everlasting battle between the drakens left the world in peril so Croal agreed to the Second Contract of the Shadows which imprisoned Numeri along with the other three remaining drakens in solitude.

Numeri is now held in an unknown place, imprisoned and confined. Some say he is in the clouds, but there are those who believe that he is located somewhere in the world and it is only a matter of time before he is released. The consequences of releasing a draken may cause the world to be unbalanced, but many believe it must be done.


Like the other remaining four drakens, not much is known of Numeri's birth or upbringing. However, being a white draken, it is safe to assume that he was born at World's Peak where the white drakens claim as their home. When drakens had a populace, he most likely help preserve the white species. Numeri was a name chosen by Croal when they formed their kinship.

White drakens are familiar with working in groups. Compared to the other species of draken, the whites are best at winning battles by working together to distract their enemies and attack with stealth. If a white draken were to face an opponent physically all alone then they would most likely perish. Although the white drakens were not the most powerful of the species, they still held high numbers during the war.

Even though the white drakens had the most in number, at the peak of the war they were nearly extinct as compared to their prior numbers. However, Numeri was one of the few remaining. Croal chose to form a kinship with him after Mún formed hers with Mare. In doing so Numeri was granted the power of the winds. After the kinship Numeri nearly lost all instinct to work with the other white draken as were their only survival technique. He left the group which remained of all white draken that were still alive, leaving them to perish.

Once the draken war ceased, Numeri, Mare, Orbis, and Impes were the only drakens remaining. In what seemed to be the final battle, a fight to the death, Numeri's speed failed him and was grabbed hold of by Impes. In mid flight Impes clutched on to Numeri and clawed from his left eye down to his under belly. From the laceration, Numeri now suffers an enormous scar. When they hit the ground Numeri was pinned and burned from the fire breath which left the same side of his face blackened from the scorches. Although his eye was damaged through this he is still able to see and can use his abilities to the fullest extent. He used the power of the wind to cease further burns, but if the Shadows had not intervened then Impes would have surely killed Numeri.

After the burn wounds from the blow, Mún panicked knowing that if Numeri were to be killed then Croal would perish as will. This would create dire consequences unknown to the Shadows. Tine finally agreed to the Second Contract of the Shadows which halted the fight. Croal secluded Numeri to protect him in an unknown location. However, if he and the other drakens were to be released then the fight would inevitably continue.


As a white draken, Numeri works best in groups. However, due to the fact that he is the last remaining draken of his kind, this is impossible. He still uses the skills learned as if working in a group; trying to seclude enemies or sneak attack any stragglers. Contrary to the popular belief that all drakens breathe fire, Numeri is unable to do so. Instead he was granted the power of the wind by Croal.

Numeri can travel at unmatched speeds because of this power by controlling the air and wind that surrounds him. Although he cannot create wind storms, he is able to cause winds at speeds so high that beings, trees, and even buildings can be blown away. Humans almost give no threat to Numeri and since the kinship was formed with Croal he is nearly untouchable.