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'The Shadows' is a fictional world of which lives a medieval-like era of war. The people of the world are in great peril due to an everlasting war between the dynasties. So far none have been successful, but there have been many deaths, which cause some to reach out for help from much more powerful beings...

Representing origins of the world, Shadows (also referred to as Gods, Spirits, or Heroes) are emotional essences which may or may not interfere with the people of the world. Although they work independently from one another, Shadows keep a general balance to the world; if one were to be destroyed then many may follow. Once a Shadow is destroyed, its represented origin may change chaotically. 

Creation of 'The Shadows'

'The Shadows' is strictly a text-based fantasy world that has not appeared in any TV program or comic books. In its creation, it was intended as an anime television series aimed for the child to pre-teen age group. Any drawings or imagery of characters or environments are simple creations intended for that specific image; not screen shots or cut outs of scenes in a show. There is no show. The only existence of The Shadows is this wiki that you see here.

Latest activity

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