Tine is the Shadow (also referred as God, Spirit, or Hero) of the sun, fire, and heat. He is one of the four Shadows that represent a classical element along with Mún, Cré, and Croal. Because he represents the classical element of fire he is often prayed to by the people of the world in need of warmth or sunshine. As a jealous Shadow, Tine is often angered by those who do not seek his assistance for long periods of time. Even though Tine is easily and often angered, he mostly leaves his prayers unanswered and allows the people who seek his assistance to die. During the Draken War, Tine granted Impes, one of the four remaining drakens of the world, the power of the sun (the ability to breath fire/not be burned) to benefit himself during the war, but after losing control of Impes he captivated and sentenced him to solidarity until the end of time as agreed in the Second Contract of the Shadows. By granting him this power, Tine and Impes formed a kinship and are forever bonded. If Impes is destroyed, Tine would be destroyed simultaneously.

During the contract, Tine was against making an agreement, but Mún, using her wit, gave him no other choice. Obligated to accept the contract, Tine holds a grudge against Mún and will take advantage of her if the situation arises. Given his relationship with Impes, Tine ultimately accepted that sentencing him to captivity is the safest way to keep him, and himself, alive. However, it is rumored that Impes was winning the war and, if it continued, Tine would have essentially been in power of the world because of their kinship.

As a Shadow, Tine tends to watch over the people of the world; especially those who fight and die for him, and takes pleasure in hearing calls to him for help, but he often leaves them unanswered. He rarely intervenes in affairs that do not involve the Shadows, excluding some occurrences that allow him to take advantage of those in power. The people who follow him are very disciplined in their culture and are excellent warriors, but they tend to fight more with each other than with their enemies. Because he was forced to confine Impes, Tine uses the needs of the people of the world to help himself gain power.


It is unclear how The Shadows came to be, but Tine is known to be one of the oldest and most merited. Even though is takes advantage of situations and will hurt those who he may see as a threat, he is one of the most respected Shadows there is.