About 500 years before the birth of [person], an everlasting war between the Shadows came to a halt. It is unknown of how or why the war began, but some say that, since there were no modern day humans at this time, the world's chaos was spread throughout the Shadow dimension. Alliances formed and the Shadows were split into two sides; those who felt that the Shadow called Muintir was necessary to exist and those that felt he should perish. Before he was killed, Muintur was the shadow of nature. Nature, in this sense, represents 'natural beings,' as opposed to spiritual ones (such as the Shadows). Some Shadows felt that these beings were not meant to live in their world while others felt that they caused no threat and should therefore live in peace. Muintir's followers (natural beings) were giants that needed to live off the land in order to survive and possessed no higher power like the Shadows do. These necessities are obviously not familiar to the Shadows.

The Shadows split, forcing Muintir to be the target of the war. Mún, as she always has, felt that all Shadows must live. She's stated many times that if a Shadow were to perish then the world would unbalance and fall into chaos, leading to the ultimate destruction of the Shadows themselves. She defended Muintir and sought to defend him in order to keep him alive and prevent the world from falling into chaos.

During the final battle of the war, Mún and Muintir fought side by side. Their tactics were mostly nonlethal, as they did not want to destroy any Shadows, just stop the war. However, Muintir was seriously injured by [Shadow3] and fell to his knees. Bás, The Shadow of Darkness, was able to take the life of Muintir during his weakened state.

Mún was overturned and [Shadow1] and [Shadow2] held her down in front of the injured Muintur. She used the water of the oceans to storm over the battle. She took water from the oceans, using all the power she had, and moved it to the sky. It is unknown as the whether she purposefully did this or is was out of her control due to the stress of the situation and how Shadows can lapse into blackouts in these scenarios. She screamed for the mercy of Muintir's life, but was ignored. Muintir knew that he was defeated and would be killed. Before the final blow he turned to restrained Mún and begged her to 'Watch over my people.' Once Bás took his reward of Muintir's soul and killed him, Mún collapsed while still in the arms of [Shadow1] and [Shadow 2]. With her collapse fell the floating oceans.

Muintir's death is the only death of a Shadow and the balance of the world fell into chaos. When his soul was taken from him a burst of energy exploded from his body. It was so large and so powerful that the ground below him erupted and broke up into what is now called the Isles of Muintir. A beam shot towards the sky and, for a brief second, the world froze in time.

The Shadows returned [home] and once the oceans calmed, the followers of Muintir were no longer. The once giant beings were drowned in the falling oceans and when the water calmed, the beings that arose from unconsciousness were no longer giants, but now humans.

The Shadows failed to realize that if one of their companion falls then chaos would ensue so much that the themselves become weaker. The elemental shadows decided that the protection of Muintir's people were in their best interest to preserve his memory and stop any further hardship. They formed kinships with respective dragons, but they undoubtedly only made things worse.